How To Spy On Competitor’s Facebook Ads [2020 Update]

Are you new to Facebook Ads?

Or you are a Facebook Ads player but don’t have a strong grip on the concepts of Facebook ads.

Or maybe you are running Facebook ads like a pro marketer but now you are planning to change the level of this game in digital marketing.

I could help you into this.

So let’s begin.

How To Search Competitor’s Facebook Ads:

In order to find the competitor’s Facebook ads, the very first step is to find the right competitor into your niche. So let me explain how to find your competitors into your niche.

Find Competitors into Your Niche:

Now let’s say fitness magazine is your niche and you want to check who are your competitors and are they running Facebook ads or not.

So the first step is to check the competitors into the fitness magazine niche. Now, look at the image below-

In the image, you can see that I am getting search results for Facebook pages in the search term “FITNESS MAGAZINE“.

Now, look at the left sidebar in which you can apply the filters according to your desire to find your competitors on Facebook. See the image below for the reference-

Here I am considering verified pages and the category is “Brand or Product” to find the competitor on Facebook in the fitness magazine niche. And now I am getting the search results of verified pages of the competitors in the same niche as showing in the image below –

Now we have all the results what exactly we were looking for finding our competitors into the same niche.

Suggestion: Check the minimum 40 results from the search results.

Now check the page activities of last 15 days for all those 40 results of the search results. Make a list of those pages who are doing good activities and getting good engagement on the page post. This list is now a list of your active competitors in the same niche.

Now come to the left sidebar and click on the tab of “Info And Ads“, check the image below for the reference-

Now you get your competitor’s Facebook ads and then you can observe it for minimum 7 days because if they will run it for minimum 7 days then it’s a positive sign of getting benefits through those Facebook Ads.

And if the ad is stopped then you can get the sign that they are not getting results through the ad. So you here you can get the advantages of your competitors’ experiments.

Now come to the second method which is more precise than the mentioned previous one. And this method is very short but will definitely give you a more precise idea about your competitor’s ads and ads performance.

For this method, I would like you to execute it right now because you can do now and can see the results quickly.

So let’s start the process

  1. Make the list of your top competitors into your niche ( already explained)
  2. Explore there Facebook and Instagram page properly and check a few posts which have good engagement
  3. Now go to the website of your top competitors and visit them as a real visitor (don’t come back quickly).
  4. Now hold on, let come back to your Facebook and Instagram feed and if you see there ads then yes you caught them amazingly.
  5. Now check the Facebook page of only those competitors who are running ads to target you.
  6. Now check the “info and ads” tab on the left side menu bar and you can see all the ongoing ads.


Spying on your competitors would definitely increase your results on your Facebook ads because it will decrease the chances to get failed while we know that what wrong our competitor is doing.

So I always suggest you do the ad spying on your competitors to get the extra benefit of there hard work and then launch the Facebook ads like a pro marketer.

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Siddharth Pal

Siddharth Pal

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  1. Great tips for every marketers out there.
    Very effective way to spy on competitors. This way you can prevent wasting money on creating ads which will not yield any results. Just watch over your competitors and let them do the hard work.
    Thanks for such wonderful hack. This will help newbies much.

    • Thanks, Shadab Alam for your great words. And I am trying, this article would be helpful for everybody who wants quick spy on competitors Facebook Ads.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words. I am trying to share good stuff of Facebook marketing with this Monk Marketers blog. And this is the first article for newbies so that they can understand how to spy on competitors facebook ads.

    • Thanks for great comment Nazim. I would be happier if you will apply the tips mentioned in the articles to spy on competitors facebook ads. And definitely, I will post more articles soon. Stay connected 🙂

  2. Siddharth, Thank you for sharing tips on facebook marketing as per my knowledge it would give always a best results with less budget.

    • Thanks, Venkata Giri for writing a great comment. And yes everybody who will follow the steps which I mentioned in the article will get great results with very less cost. It will give clear thought to spy on competitors Facebook Ads.

    • Thanks Sumit for great words. I am glad you like my article. It’s the first article on how to spy on competitors facebook ads. And in future, I will definitely share more great tips for launching profitable Facebook ads.

    • I am glad Rohit, you got it useful. Thank you.
      Try to apply all the methods to understand how to spy on competitors Facebook ads.

  3. Hey Siddharth,
    That was a beautiful article and well narrated. I wanna ask you a question on this.

    Now hold on, let come back to your Facebook and Instagram feed and if you see there ads then yes you caught them amazingly.

    Is this really works soon after getting back to the Facebook news feed from their website? can we really see their ads?

    • Thanks for great words Vishnu.
      And yes if your competitors will do retargeting then you will definitely get the ad in your news feed 🙂
      But it depends on your competitors, how quickly they are doing retargeting

    • Hi,
      I am glad you liked my blog post on How To Spy On Competitor’s Facebook Ads.
      I wish you will follow the process and it will give you great results.

  4. Thanks Siddharth for sharing
    Explained the concept in simple and lucid language which every one can understand ….very informative and useful tips …

  5. Great post sir. I am running one ad campaign for one of my client and I was looking for spying methods. Thanks to you. keep sharing Facebook tips.

  6. Hey Siddharth,

    Awesome post regarding spy competitors. This is amazing tips which is very helpful for all new blogger and marketer who are struggling to grow their bussiness.

    Thanks for sharing Helpful tips. Keep Growing



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