A Must Follow Checklist Before Launching Facebook Ad

Are you struggling to follow a set of rules before launching a profitable Facebook ad campaign?


To develop a successful Facebook ad campaign, we need a fair bit of innovative ideas, plans and strategies before even opening a web browser to initiate the ads – whether you are initiating one ad or many.

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Why Most of The Facebook Ads Fail?

Advertisers pay hefty sum for Facebook ads and keep their fingers crossed hoping that users would click them and visit their landing pages. Yet, there are many ads in Facebook that don’t live up to expectation. Many of these ads don’t come up with positive conversion results

So there is something that fail your ad! A successful Facebook ad entails a number of facebook advertising statistics. You need to combine these factors in a way that it can optimize the effect of the ad. Let us see why most of the Facebook ads fail

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13 Facebook Lead Generation Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2020

Before planning a Facebook lead generation campaign, you need to refresh your knowledge about Facebook ads and regulations pertaining to them. 


So that you can avoid some common mistakes that not only can frustrate your attempts at lead generation, but may also lead to complete denial by Facebook to put up the ad. 

With years of experience with Facebook ad, I can sniff out the common mistakes that you must avoid for a successful Facebook lead generation campaign in 2019. 

Here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid in 2019.

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How To Spy On Competitor’s Facebook Ads [2020 Update]

Are you new to Facebook Ads?

Or you are a Facebook Ads player but don’t have a strong grip on the concepts of Facebook ads.

Or maybe you are running Facebook ads like a pro marketer but now you are planning to change the level of this game in digital marketing.

I could help you into this.

So let’s begin.

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