The Ultimate LeadCart Review: Should You Get It In 2021?

Are you struggling to boost your revenue with high converting cart pages, one-click sales funnels, affiliate campaigns, monthly subscriptions, upsells, downsells, bump offer and track your entire business?

Then you need the only thing is Leadcart!

Let’s see how it would help you to increase your business.

What Is LeadCart?

LeadCart Is A Shopping Cart Software That Is Simple, Yet Powerful. It Was Created Specifically To Help You Convert More Sales & Maximize Profits As An Online Entrepreneur.

It does have some drawbacks, which I’m going to cover later, but overall it’s an excellent tool for online entrepreneurs to establish monthly subscriptions, upsells, downsells, bump offers more efficiently without having to know code!

Why You Should Use LeadCart?

If you have any plan to sell your online course then Leadcart works seamlessly with online course platforms and you can easily start making money quickly with online course selling.

You can customize your checkout page to collect as much information from your customers as you’d like (GDPR marketing consent checkbox option available).

Whether you’re using Podia, Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific, or you have a membership site, LeadCart integrates with just a few clicks or you can automate this process with any email automation tool like ActiveCampaign.

If you want to start selling e-books then Leadcart would make it easy to automate your entire e-book selling sales funnel by integration with autoresponders like ActiveCampaign or Getresponse and with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

The recurring subscription business model is the best and highly profitable.

Do you have a product or service that requires monthly rebilling?

No problem. Leadcart can handle one-time payments, monthly recurring payments/subscription, and split payments.

With a recurring subscription payment event, Leadcart will start an automated workflow with your email marketing autoresponder and tag them with a label you choose.

If you have one-time payment products and you also have a monthly subscription, you’ll know your customers by segments in the customer management section of Leadcart.

Physical Products Sellers: Leadcart has everything you need to start setting up checkout pages for your physical products.

You can collect shipping information, names, and even phone numbers on the checkout page if you’d like.

Are you using Shopify?

If you are, you’ll be happy to know that Leadcart could fully integrate with your Shopify accounts.

This integration will push all sales that come from Leadcart to your Shopify store(s) so you can track your sales. This integration is coming very soon in Leadcart.

Consultants: Yup, even consultants use Leadcart.

Although I’ve only worked with a handful of clients, something is dissatisfying about sending a PayPal invoice link.

But Setting up your PayPal and Stripe with a Leadcart is simple.

Once you have it setup, you’ll be able to create products for each of your services and send them to your client checkout pages (you can brand your invoices too).

Let’s take a look at a checkout page – keep reading.

Leadcart Pro Vs Leadcart Premium




6+ Checkout templates



Unlimited Products



Use Checkout Page Everywhere



Built In Credit Card & PayPal processors



One-Time Payments









Payment Plans



Webhooks & Zapier



1-Click Upsells



Unlimited Funnels



Priority Support



The Subscription Saver (Dunning)



Cart Abandonment Recovery



The Affiliate Center



Email Builder & Customizations



Assign Roles & Permissions To Team Members



Custom Domains (CNAME)



LeadCart Branding Removal



Automatic Tax Calculations



Dedicated Training & Support





$199 Lifetime

$299 Lifetime

More Details

How To Use LeadCart?

Whenever you will log in to your leadcart account, then look at the left sidebar and follow the first option named “Products“. Then you will land to the product page of your leadcart account.

By following the option “+New Product” in the top right corner, you will see four options (product type) to create your new product in your leadcart account. These four options are –

  1. One Page Funnel
  2. One Step Checkout
  3. Two Step Checkout
  4. Upsell/Downsell

When you will go further with the product type “One Step Checkout” then you will see six templates for one step checkout products. And you can use any one of these templates to create one step checkout products.

Here I am using the fourth template from the left side. I customized it according to my color theme (Monk Marketers theme color).

In this one step checkout page, you can see that it already covered everything which helps to increase the conversions quickly like product image, product name, product description, billing details, shipping details ( I skipped it in this template but you can easily add it here), order bump, payment summary.

So no more lengthy process for users to complete the purchase. In the appearance section ( the first option in the left sidebar ) you can easily change the colors and template.

Coming to the second section in the left sidebar which is named conversion boosters.

Here you can see that we are getting options to show/hide shipping details, testimonials, features, terms & conditions, guarantee message.

You can show/hide as per your choice.

Now let’s come to the third section which is named “Pricing“.

In the pricing section, you can select the currency of the product, set the price and select the payment type as one-time price, recurring price or split payment.

In the product payment methods, we can select up to two payment methods. In the screenshot, you can see cash on delivery as available payment method.

Keep in mind that Leadcart has direct integration with Stripe and PayPal. And Razorpay,,, Braintree, 2checkout are in the roadmap and coming soon as direct integration in Leadcart.

Now let’s check the fourth option named “fulfillment“.

In the fulfillment section, you can select the created fulfillment for product fulfillment.

The fulfillment option is available into the left menu bar of the user dashboard of your leadcart account. When you will follow the option fulfillment from the left menu bar, you will arrive on the same page showing in the image below.

To create a new fulfillment, follow the option “+New Fulfillment” available on the top right corner of the screen. And then you will see the same options as shown in the screenshot below.

Now you can put the fulfillment name whatever you think is relevant according to your specific product.

In the fulfillment type, you can select the type manual fulfillment, success URLs fulfillment or zapier integration fulfillment.

When you will place the success URL or zaper integration fulfillment channel, then press the button “+Create“. Now your fulfillment is ready to use in the product fulfillment option.

Now I want you to know about the fifth section in the left sidebar which is named “Bump Offer“. As per my experience, the bump offer strategy is always helping to increase the average order value and make a decent profit with the original product.

In the attached screenshot below, you can see a box with the dotted line border. This box is appearing with the bump offer feature.

And in the left side you can see the options you will get inside the bump offer. If you want to show or hide then you can do it easily. And you can decide the price of this offer. Customization is easy and flexible to do endless customizations.

So if any visitor will check the box of the bump offer, the value will be added into the product price and it’s as easy as a snap.

If you are planning to give/promote exclusive coupons to your audience then this feature of leadcart is for you. Let’s meet with the sixth section named “Coupons” in the left sidebar.

With coupon feature, you can promote holiday coupons, festival coupons, black Friday – cyber Monday coupons and you don’t need to change anything inside the product. Just create the coupon, select the product and woohoo, you are ready with it.

If you want to create the coupons then you should follow the “Coupons” option in the left the menu bar in your login dashboard. When you will follow the option of the coupon, you will land to a similar page shared in the screenshot attached below.

In the top right corner, you will get a button of “New Coupon” which will create new coupon code. On the same page, you can also see the insights of the coupons ( if any ).

LeadCart Alternatives

Shopping Cart

Starting Price

Learn More


$495 Lifetime


$99 / Month


$29 / Month


Leadcart is growing every single day and it’s also giving value to suggestions by users. Leadcart roadmap is continuously extending the list of upcoming features which makes sure that it would become the best converting cart solution in the SAAS industry.

Few of the upcoming features:

  • Pay as you want
  • Free trials
  • Paid trials (Example: $1 Trial)
  • Translation
  • Tax profiles
  • VAT Compliance
  • Address autocomplete
  • Custom domain (CNAME)
  • More payment gateways (Apple pay, Google pay, Razorpay, Braintree,, 2Checkout,
  • Affiliate center
  • Brands management
  • And many more…


Alright — I think we’ve covered all there is to discuss about Leadcart.

If you’re still undecided, here are my ratings for Leadcart when it comes to key factors:

Thanks to Leadcart’s features and easy navigations, new users can get productive with the tool right away. The learning curve is virtually non-existent, and the platform itself is fast and intuitive.

Usability: 5 Stars

You don’t see a lot of quick conversion or smart cart solution tools with their limited integration based app.

Leadcart can easily work with wordpress, shopify, kajabi, teachable, thinkific, everlesson and many more. If that level of accessibility isn’t worth five stars, then nothing is.

Accessibility: 5 Stars

Is the Leadcart one page checkout, split payment, recurring payment reliable? Yes.

Is it the best smart cart and quick conversion tool money can buy? No.

If you already have Leadcart Pro, then the premium upgrade is definitely a big bonus. However, Leadcart shouldn’t be your first option if you absolutely need a one-page checkout tool only.

Features: 5 Stars

You are getting a quick conversion tool, split payment tool, affiliate management and membership management rolled into one — it’s well worth $199 for pro plan and $299 for premium plan for lifetime.

If you need Leadcart for the long-term, you can cut the monthly or yearly cost with lifetime deal.

Pricing: 5 Stars


The bottom line is, you can’t go wrong with Leadcart whether you’re a freelancer, e-book seller, course seller, dropshipper or a business owner. It is the most flexible and trustworthy smart cart tool on the planet — period.

If, however, you work for an educational institution and need a smart cart tool, Leadcart shouldn’t be your first choice. Other than that, it’s undoubtedly one of the best smart cart tools available today.

Experience Leadcart Today with a One Time Price!

For questions, feedback, and suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m looking forward to your input!

Siddharth Pal

Siddharth Pal

Hey, I am Siddharth I’m the Founder of I am a full-time Ecom Practitioner, Strategic Marketing Consultant and a Speaker. I’ve been doing ecommerce business since 2017 and making an era of ecommerce marketing from my online businesses.

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate LeadCart Review: Should You Get It In 2021?”

  1. Hey Siddharth,

    Such a wonderful review. Currently I am using ThriveCart and now would love to try LeadCart as well. Your review impressed me a lot to give it a try.

    I want to know two things:

    1. Can we receive payments from our customers in Indian Rupees?
    2. Can customers without a PayPal account make payment through PayPal option?

    I appreciate your efforts.

    Ankit Singla

    • Hi Ankit,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Leadcart is growing every single day which includes new features and bug fixing.
      Right now leadcart is not offering INR payment currency. And paypal guest checkout is not available.
      But both options will come soon to leadcart. I will update the article according to new features. Stay connected here for more updates 🙂

    • Hi,
      Thanks for asking.
      2Checkout is not an active integration in leadcart as of now but it is in the roadmap and it will come very soon.

  2. I’m not understanding exactly how to use it. Can I use it in email or only on websites? For example, I currently use mailchimp for the landing page and square for payment processor for physical items.

    Are you saying that I can use the landing page mailchimp and then LeadCart for payment processor? I have SendFox, is this an option for me to use with LeadCart?

    • Hi,
      Yes you can use leadcart to process your payments. And leadcart has the feature to add one click upsell which may help you to increase average order value.
      Sendfox can be integrated with zapier if sendfox is available in zapier app.

    • Hey, yes few people purchased it and it’s a really powerful tool if you are looking for the solution to sell something quickly.
      Leadcart has the feature of a one-time payment, recurring payments and with these features, you can sell your products or service according to your plan. And the interesting fact is they don’t charge any commission on the transaction. You will get whatever people will pay you.
      I would recommend you to get it and give it a try because it’s coming with a money-back guarantee 🙂


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